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When it’s us, nothing else matters —Day
Except this —Katori

The first time Lamont Day ever felt love was hen he saw her.
Katori Nichols has loved him since before either of them understood what love truly was.

With a love so perfect and all consuming, Lamont and Katori never expected things to fall apart, however they learned the harsh lesson that sometimes love is not enough.

Five years later, fate provides a second time for them to get it right. Their lives have progressed but their hearts have been in limbo, but buried secrets may threaten to ruin their last chance at getting it right.

This time around, Lamont and Katori will have to work hard to prove that when it is them, not even secrets can get in the way of the love they both deserve.



Autographed copy 212 pages

When It's Us (Autographed)

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