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Remi Wilson is a true Army brat. As the the daughter of a General, her life’s plan was set in motion from the minute she took her first breath.

The expectations are Be the ideal general’s daughter and marry an Army officer. Not once has she considered deviating. Why would she when following the plan will lead to a blissfully bright further that mirrors that of her parents.

Trenard McAllen’s life has always been swept into the chaotic hustle known as survival of the fittest. The only plans that exist in his world revolve around getting to the money. The game and the players are constantly shifting, however the end goal is always the same, keep your head above water.

Eventually Trenard’s hustle lands him in a complicated situation. He can either spend the next five years in prison or he can join the military.

Fort Atkins isn’t ready for the recruit with a chip on his shoulder and neither is Remi. Her plans don’t stand a chance when she is captured by a charming and determined solider who won’t stop until he owns Remi’s heart.

Remi and Trenard get a hard fast lesson that life is full of surprises. When you’re under love’s command, plans no longer matter.

Pages 194

Under Love’s Command (autographed copy)

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