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Autographed copy. 262 pages

For Nyla Holmes, life is never easy.  Two steps forward always end up turning into ten steps back.

As the coldest female barber in Elite Cutz, Nyla wants to own her own shop.  She plans for years and has set her sights on the perfect building.  Disappointment settles in once again when she finds out that her dream has to be put on hold.  The one person Nyla believes will never hurt her does the unthinkable.  

Aarick Landry knows what success looks and feels like.  He’s the VP of the credit union and an active member of his fraternity alumnae chapter.  Aarick also understands that life can sometimes be harder on some than others. His mother has struggled with addiction his entire life.

Nyla and Aarick are total opposites but after a few chance encounters they quickly discover one similarity-they need another.

She’s Elite Cutz (Autographed)

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