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Some people believe that in the eyes, heart, and mind of the one you love, you will become in essence, a new person. For the sake of her heart, Reyna prays that this belief is true.

After the death of a prominent federal director, a FBI rookie, is handed a dream assignment. She is going undercover to obtain intel on the underground gun trade in Crescent Falls. The target of the investigation is the owner of Greyson Funeral Home.

Kaamal Greyson is a lot of things, but a criminal isn’t one of them. An ex-professional football player, he owns his family business and works hard daily to uphold the Greyson legacy.

When the new bookstore owner comes to town, Kaamal’s daily routine is pleasantly interrupted. One meeting with Reyna tips the scale leaving him intrigued by Crescent Fall’s beautiful new resident.

Their chemistry is undeniable and their love is meant to be. There’s only one problem; Reyna is Trachelle and her main goal is closing a case that will catapult her career.

The downfall of every man is the woman who procures his heart. Reyna just might be Kaamal’s greatest love and worst enemy because there will forever be a thin line between love and hate.

310 page paperback

Love’s Deep Cover (Autographed copy)

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